The cushions of well-being are an ancient remedy of natural medicine with the aim to relieve pain and contractures due to poor posture.

We fill them exclusively with organic products dried and cleaned according to the most strict hygiene regulations.

We can guarantee the quality of our products because they are 100% controlled and quality certificated according to European Union standards.

We offer exclusively artisanal handcraft, precisely and accurately produced; any imperfection should therefore be taken as a sign of quality and not as a defect.

We deal with: spelt’s husk and seeds, grape's seeds, millet’s husks, cherry pits, amaranth and aromatic herbs such as chamomile, lavender, peppermint and alfalfa.

Our cushions can be heated in the traditional oven, in the microwave oven, on radiators during wintertime or on the stove as a remedy for the pain of osteoarthritis, cervical, stiff neck, stomach pain (including the newborn’s ones), bronchitis , rheumatism, shots
whip , menstrual cramps, flatulence.

You can refrigerate our cushions in the freezer in order to relieve cramps, toothaches, headaches, bruises, sprains, high fever or simply to refresh yourself on warm days.