SPELT HUSK PILLOW 75x45 (Standard)

37,00 € (30,33 € excl VAT) each Weight: 2.1 kg
Width: 45 cm
Length: 75 cm



It is not the usual night pillow! Once you have tried it, you cannot sleep with other pillows! Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, you will feel every part of the body benefit from its properties. Recommended for those who suffer from sleep disorders(difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakening, insomnia). Made in raw cotton, it facilitate the rest of the neck, shoulders and the entire spine, relaxing contracted muscles, reducing cervical pain, facilitating the correct posture throughout the body. Two different heights: low recommended for those suffering from cervical pain, high for those who likes to sleep with more than one pillow. Cool in summer, warm in winter. You can use it with a pillowcase plus bed sheet.

The duration of the natural pillows, as consistency, is about 3-4 years; over that time it is advisable to renew them.