Spelt husk is simply the skin of spelt seeds that, once separated, is specifically treated to stuff cushions and mattresses.

Thanks to its heat-regulating properties, keeps the body temperature constant, preventing sweating during warm days and providing a pleasant heat sensation during winter.

It strengthens the body's natural defenses, protects organs, skin and promotes blood circulation thanks to a high content of silicic acid (90% ), an acid that is already present in our connective tissues (in bones, in skin, in hair, in nails, etc.).

Of certified and guaranteed quality, spelt husk is used for cushions and mattresses precisely because it follows the morphology of the body, adapting to all different positions that we take when we are lying down.

A body comfortably supported in all its parts allows the achievement of calm and relaxation.

We recommend the Spelt Husk cushions to those who suffer from insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep and frequent waking up during the night.

They do not make you sweat, so they are ideal for individuals suffering from excessive sweating.
As Spelt husk, when moved, releases a fine powder we do not recommend it to persons suffering from allergy.

Spelt husk keeps its properties for 7 years! Use our cushions it for all this time even at room temperature for a beneficial effect against pain of muscle contractions, cervical pain, migraine headaches and rheumatism. If the cushion is warm the benefits are immediate.

You can warm them:

10 minutes at 30° Celsius in the traditional oven (turning them often)

1-2 minutes at 600w (medium level) in the microwave oven

20,00 € (16,39 € excl VAT) each SPLET HUSK NECKLACE LUMBAR BELT CUSHION 50X25
18,00 € (14,75 € excl VAT) each SPLET HUSK CAR BELT CUSHION 50X17
18,00 € (14,75 € excl VAT) each SPLET HUSK HEAD UP CUSHION 50x20
25,00 € (20,49 € excl VAT) each SPLET HUSK CUSHION WITH ZIP 40x30
40,00 € (32,79 € excl VAT) each SPELT HUSK MEDITATION CUSHION 40x30x8
56,00 € (45,90 € excl VAT) each SPELT HUSK STROLLER CUSHION
24,40 € (20,00 € excl VAT) each SPELT HUSK PILLOW 50x35
31,72 € (26,00 € excl VAT) each SPELT HUSK PILLOW 40x60
42,70 € (35,00 € excl VAT) each SPELT HUSK PILLOW 75x45 (Standard)
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