The millet, as the spelt, contains 90% of silicic acid; this acid that is already present in our connective tissues (in bones, in skin, in hair, in nails, etc.) helps improves the health of joints, muscles and the whole spine.

We use millet skin because, being very soft and enveloping, it allows to rest comfortably every part of the body, helping to improve the quality of sleep.

The millet husk has a consistency similar to that of sand. Often it is preferred by those who have find "noisy" the spelt husk cushions.

Cool in summer, warm in winter because they naturally adapt to the body temperature.

Due to the fact that millet husk, when moved, release a very thin dust – because it is a natural product – it is not recommended for people suffering from allergy.

Millet husk keeps its properties for 5 years therefore for all this time using our products – even at room temperature – you will have benefits for muscular contractions, various muscular pain, cervical pain, migraine, headaches and rheumatism.

You can use them daily to rest, to relax after stressful situations and, in the case of sleep disorders, they will help you to fall asleep.

They do not make you sweat, so they are ideal for individuals suffering from excessive sweating.

You can use them at room temperature because their natural therapeutic properties help heal muscular pain and aching.

Using them warm the benefit will be immediate.

You can warm them:

10 minutes at 30° Celsius in the traditional oven (turning them often)

1 minute at 600w (medium level) in the microwave oven

18,00 € (14,75 € excl VAT) each MILLET TUBE 65x15 WITH LACES
30,50 € (25,00 € excl VAT) each SPELT SEEDS + MILLET SKIN/HUSK TUBE 45X16
18,00 € (14,75 € excl VAT) each MILLET BABY PILLOW 20x30
28,00 € (22,95 € excl VAT) each MILLET PILLOW 50x35
34,00 € (27,87 € excl VAT) each MILLET PILLOW 40x60
43,00 € (35,25 € excl VAT) each MILLET PILLOW 75x45 (Standard)
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