Grape seeds have the specific property of accumulating and releasing heat slowly however you will have beneficial effects from our cushions with grape seeds even at room temperature thanks to their natural therapeutic property that helps the natural flow of blood.

They also provide relaxing effects that you can enjoy after a long standing working day or after stressful situations.

Due to their size, can be used conveniently as a support for the neck and shoulder lying down to rest or as a support for tired and swollen legs.

We recommend them especially for those suffering from cramps and circulation problems.

Lean on the eyes, thanks to the micro eye movement that does not stop eyelids, they will provide you a sweet massage of the whole ocular region, giving benefits to the vision and relieving local pain due to multiple diseases.

Grape seeds gently adhere to the body giving comfort to your body and your mind.

Therapeutic properties of grape seeds last for 5 years.

Our cushions with grape seeds can be used at room temperature, warm or cold.

You can warm them:

  • 10 minutes at 90° Celsius in the traditional oven
  • 1-2 min at 600w (medium level) in the microwave oven

You can cool them:

  • 20 min in the freezer for a refreshing sensation
  • Minimum 2 hours in the freezer if you want to use it as a bag of ice.
15,00 € (12,30 € excl VAT) each GRAPE SEEDS MASK 23x10
25,00 € (20,49 € excl VAT) each GRAPE SEEDS TUBE 45X15
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