Cherry stones cushions are used as an alternative to the bag of hot water, not only because they have the property of accumulating heat but also because they release it gradually.

And, differently from the bag of hot water that when it cools becomes wet and uncomfortable, cherry stones cushions retain body temperature and don’t change the pleasant feeling on your body.

One client told me that she used to lean her feet on them because she could have a massage stimulating the circulation simply rubbing her feet on the cushion.

Seeing is believing!

A funny game for children: hiding objects in a sack full of cherry stones letting them search for them and guessing what the objects are.

This game stimulates children tactile perception and manual ability.

It is also used in patients that suffered from stroke to help them regain hands mobility.

If you love to feel the heat, you can heat and reheat them in the oven whenever you want it, but remember not to exceed the recommended maximum temperature and time otherwise you will burn yourself!

And if you want to always to have at hand "ice", leave them in the freezer as long as you want .. you can even forget them there ... and you will always have a valuable remedy for bruises, sprains, toothache and fever.

We advise you to put the cushion inside in a plastic bag to prevent the fabric to stick in the fridge.

You can use cherry stones cushions warm or cold and they do NOT expire.

Be careful not to overheat and burn the stones (you will understand it from the smell).

You can warm them:

  • 10 minutes at 100° Celsius in the traditional oven
  • 1-2 min at 600w (medium level) in the microwave oven

You can cool them:

  • 15 min in the freezer for a refreshing sensation
  • Minimum 2 hours in the freezer if you want to use it as a bag of ice.
12,00 € (9,84 € excl VAT) each CHERRY STONES CUSHION 20x30
16,00 € (13,11 € excl VAT) each CHERRY STONES BOULE 35x20
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